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Public Financing can assist any company in the world with their ISIN number needs. It entities such as public companies, private companies, funds, trusts, unit trusts, segregated portfolios, hedge funds, mutual funds, and many other funds and entities to work with Public Financing in order to achieve one’s goals.



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Public Financing's reach

Our staff is assisting companies in the equities and debt spheres, including public companies and private institutions. Because so many companies are seeking access to capital and many need exposure and credibility, it is often needed to obtain a unique identifier. This identifier, often in the form of an ISIN number code or a CUSIP number code, enables a prospective investor to type via a computer or trading terminal one’s unique code and view the company’s basic information. Public Financing has a presence in many countries and representatives and partners all over the world.

Public Financing Team

Public Financing’s team consists of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the bond and equities markets. If your company or firm has clients that need our assistance for equity or debt offerings in ISIN services, CUSIP services, or basic private placement offerings and more Public Financing offers a partnership program that is both aggressive and long term. Many companies that do not offer our services refer their clients to Public Financing.

Why Get an ISIN Code or CUSIP Number

An ISIN number or CUSIP number is a standard code that is needed today. The numbers help identify a security, much like a social security number does for a person. For cross border trading, an ISIN number is imperative.